Published July 29, 2013 by AbbysDesigns

dear viewers! I don’t have a lot of viewers and I would love to have some.

im new to this whole blog thing and Im trying my best to make it interesting!

so please be on my viewer list it would make my day!

I love making blogs and I love to have viewers

thanks ~abbys designs



Published July 28, 2013 by AbbysDesigns

please check out my new blog its called “Inspiring Idealist” its a blog that has pictured from tumblr blogs and there really cool to reblog please view my site more thank you so much it meens a lot since I just started! 🙂

My Accedent

Published July 26, 2013 by AbbysDesigns

i known this guy ever since i was 4. we dated last year and i broke it off. one day when we were hanging out we decided to play truth or dare. It started off casual but then he asked me to take my shirt off. of course  i didn’t and i refused, and i felt really uncomfortable, ever since that day we have been texting on and off, snap chatting and i started to like him again. and one day i thought we would get more serious and start a relationship, so he dared me again and out of pressure i DID IT! i couldn’t get him to shuut uppp! but after that….we didn’t talk for a while. it seemed odd, but my mom decided to snoop through my Facebook convos with him, and she found out! i was devastated . and so was his parents and my parents when my mom called them. he ended up getting back together with his girlfriend, while im stuck in this situation where im hurt, sad, and confused. i still feel that way even though it was a month ago ~my story